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Thank you for your interest in Object+180815, you are contributing to the archive of TYS.

The care, containment and classification of data is part of our mission. The data collected have unanticipated value and is free to access but the tools are not provided. Space and funding are limited therefore we only store the synopsis, you shall not require the full length.

By proceeding you are agreeing to the following:

• Information may alter depending on your current social climate.

• Materials may be unintentional, pre-loved, in poor condition or contaminated.

• Unintended synchronization of data may occur.

• Understand that the information is false, the vessel is real.

• Catalogue of events are placed in the seemingly right order.

• We enforce the Law of the Excluded Middle.

• Give permission to interpretation.

• Preservation by dissemination is advised.

This is a byproduct .

Object +180815 Inventory Checklist

Total number of containers: ______________

Container 1

Illegible document files

Volume of schooling record x 4 Letter to the director

Phrases in various languages Illegible text

Booking records

General description not available Marginal stories

Container 2

Geometric shapes

Deleted instant messages (platform indistinguishable) Voice audio

Contact sheet

Container 3

Merriam-Webster word of the day Translations from Asian language Acrylic on canvas

Quarantine door pass

Aged photograph (date unknown) Meeting records

A continuous timeline

Claire's duvet cover

Container 4

Manuscripts Transparency files

The bits

English proficiency

Die cut

Immigration documents Other