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This page is an epigraph that you do not yet have the tools to decipher

Alive with the conflicting, surging possibilities to touch and be touched the cursor embodies a constant flux of relations, events, circumstances, and occurrences.

The I gives living form to connections and fluxes. I can be a source of pleasure or a cause of uncertainty, as a vacant pause, a piercing responsiveness or a profound ambivalence.

Unavoidable phenomena in the shape of Impulses, feelings, hopes, fantasies, encounters, and routines.

Configurations of recognition, attachment, and agency, entangled with persuasion, infection, seduction and obsession, all within public and social networks that capture one into something, nothing, something, with what feels like something.

A frenzy of activity, but nothing seems to remain. A supposed subjectivity, a collapse of bodies. The browser refreshes, here you are again, the space looks just the same as it did when you last accessed this page 28 days ago.[1] But is digital space a metaphorical location or metaphorical time? A forever present, a consensual dream. The precariousness is crippling, invigorating, promising.

[1] Rehab for addiction usually lasts 28 days, it is also the average adult’s skin cell turnover rate.

{ Disposable utensils are the instruments with which we will be using to access this stage.

It will be enough for the experience to last, for the material to be ingested, but ideally, nothing will remain, and the space will be left undisturbed.
It won’t be substantial enough to elevate this fare or create a memorable ritualistic experience. It is the bare minimum to facilitate an encounter while being easily erased to allow for a speedy exit.}


this is a scene in which you are performer, and spectator, self or other

center stage and in the sidelines,

sitting on the deck, at the bar or middle of the dance-floor

where does your gaze fall?

on me? who is that ? or is that me?

do I conjure up this experience for both you or me

skimming through their stories or the stories you tell to yourself about them

It’s okay if that is just part of your imagination, you are too your imagination,

they are part of your imagination.

This is a test, not a conviction.

It aims to arouse consciousness to the I that comes into view as a result of habit or trauma, resonance or influence. It is committed not to demystification and discovered truths that support a high-res screenshot but to speculation and questioning.

“I“ comes together as a feeling, an occurrence, both alive and embodied. a contestation and vessel of both vitality and exhaustion, urgent with a fantasy of escape,

What temperature is your screen?

the smell is hazy, an omnipresent dream,

the cool aluminum of some device

sticky with excretion,

your hand is cold,

the smooth glass is warm in comparison

is it warm from your body

how does it feel like against your skin?

a screen against your skin?

do you feel me against your skin?

do you need a screen protector to shield your skin ?

I am trying to protect myself that's all

the illusion of i know what i am doing

“i know what I’m doing”


change of perspective, zoom out ,

drag around

move across the terrain , shift click, top down, bottoms up,

oh whoops

Im sorry,

your out of ammo, please reload

accept the cookies,

proceed reload

whenever you moved, it moved, It balanced your moving by moving

There is a fantasy of coherence,

norms are constructed to try and reach that. I repeat these norms to present that make-belief of coherence.

We may flee but never leave through our clicks, more deeply entangled in a philosophy that endures through our actions rather than our understanding.

Our knowledge archive, too, seems to pledge destruction and forgetfulness in equal measure to permanence and continuity.

Memory continues to be dynamic: an ephemeral being that vanishes when not replicated but simultaneously deteriorates through its repetition.

Reverse, reconstruct, re-enact. The processes to re-encounter foreign events that were said to have occurred in our past. What past, what history, browser history, or the chat?

I seemed to morph in an out of existence, at times disappearing, realities lost in an unintended translation. But why “translate” when it did not belong in that world? For fear of non-existence or the haunting truth that this section of “I” is some bug in those sequence of events.

Why I am a sorry you are not meant to be part of this version of reality, this series of events, this loop, this repetition

there is a loneliness of being together here alone, but together but alone and together


This is a site of production.

Behind the screen are actors in costumes, holding props, reciting lines from a well know script, putting together the stage play.

In this world those scripts sometimes get hard to read or words vanish, and the I is left stuck in laughable postures wearing costumes that did not fit.

Please mock me

But forgive me


This section learns how to compress, archive and transfer files using various tools and methods

Archive and compress are two different concepts, although we often put them together.

To collect, to gather, to contribute to the archive,

A constellation

a congregation

an accumulation

a repetition